Sentence Examples

  • Their librarian was Wenceslas Brezan, who has left a valuable work on the annals of the Rosenberg family.
  • In 1356 Louvain was the scene of the famous Joyeuse Entree of Wenceslas which represented the principal charter of Brabant.
  • In 1356 Duke Wenceslas confirmed this charter and also the Golden Bull of the emperor Charles IV.
  • In 1357 Wenceslas, ordered a new wall embracing a greater area than the earlier one to be constructed round Brussels, and this was practically intact until after the Belgian revolution in 1830-1831.
  • The war of succession lasted till 1379, and ended in William's favour, the emperor Wenceslas (Wenzel) recognizing him as duke four years later.

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