Sentence Examples

  • Bishops of Icosium - which was created a Latin city by Vespasian - are mentioned as late as the 5th century.
  • - Vespasian left the rivals to consume one another and occupied his army with the subjugation of the country.
  • He was apparently overtaken by poverty, but was generously treated by Vespasian, who made him a present of 50o,000 sesterces.
  • The motives alike of geographical convenience and of the advantages to be gained by recognizing these movements of Roman subjects combined to urge a forward policy at Rome, and when the vigorous Vespasian had succeeded the fool-criminal Nero, a series of advances began which gradually closed up the acute angle, or at least rendered it obtuse.
  • 67 Nero restored Sardinia to the senate (but not Corsica) in exchange for Achaea, and the former was then governed by a legatus pro praetore; but Vespasian took it over again before A.D.

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