Sentence Examples

  • Rashi was twenty-five years of age when he returned to Troyes, which town thenceforward eclipsed the cities of Lorraine and became the recognized centre of Jewish learning.
  • The most important of them for the understanding of the gemara (Babhli) is that of Rashi 3 (Solomon ben Isaac, d.
  • The name Jarchi, formerly used for Rashi, rests on a misunderstanding.
  • In 1040 at Mainz), a famous Talmudist and com mentator, his pupil Jacob ben Yaqar, and Moses of Narbonne, called ha-Darshan, the "Exegete," were the forerunners of the greatest of all Jewish commentators, Solomon ben Isaac (Rashi), who died at Troyes in 1105.
  • Rashi was a pupil of Jacob ben Yaqar, and studied at Worms and Mainz.

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