Sentence Examples

  • The Demeter of Cnidus in the British Museum, of the school of Praxiteles, apparently shows her mourning for the loss of her daughter.
  • One of the kings called Nicomedes in Bithynia offered immense sums to acquire the Aphrodite of Praxiteles from the Cnidians (Plin.
  • In ancient times it was disputed whether the original was the work of Praxiteles or Scopas, and modern authorities are not agreed as to its identity with the group mentioned by Pliny.
  • Thramer, Pergamos (1888); C. Friederichs, Praxiteles and die Niobegruppe (1865); A.
  • In the 4th century this type was probably fixed by Praxiteles in his statue of Hermes at Olympia.

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