Sentence Examples

  • PONTIAC, a city and the county-seat of Oakland county, Michigan, U.S.A., on the Clinton river, about 26 m.
  • It is served by the Grand Trunk and the Pontiac, Oxford & Northern railways (being the southern terminus of the latter), and by the Detroit & Pontiac and the North-Western electric inter-urban lines.
  • South-east of Pontiac, Cass and Elizabeth lakes), and there is good hunting and fishing in the vicinity.
  • In Pontiac is the Eastern Michigan Asylum for the insane (1878), with grounds covering more than Soo acres..
  • Pontiac, named in honour of the famous Indian chief of that name, was laid out as a town in 1818, became the county-seat in 1820, was incorporated as a village in 1837, and was chartered in 1861.

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