Sentence Examples

  • These compositions belonged to a species which, since Petrarch set the fashion, were very popular among Italian scholars.
  • On the first of these visits he made the acquaintance of a fellow bibliophile in Petrarch, who records his impression (Epist.
  • It is chiefly famous as the place where Petrarch lived his last few years and died in 1374.
  • At Avignon, where he appeared in August 1352, Rienzi was tried by three cardinals, and was sentenced to death, but this judgment was not carried out, and he remained in prison in spite of appeals from Petrarch for his release.
  • He continued to reside at Avignon despite the arguments of envoys and the verses of Petrarch, but threw a sop to the Romans by reducing the Jubilee term from one hundred years to fifty.

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