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  • Mwanga now determined to rid himself of Christians and Mahommedans alike by inducing them to proceed to an island in the lake, where he meant to leave them to starve.
  • The plot was discovered, and Mwanga fled to the south of the lake, and Kiwewa, his eldest brother, was made king.
  • Factions, who had taken refuge in Ankole, could not agree even in their common exile, and nearly came to blows, but on the spur of threatened famine they agreed to combine and to take back Mwanga as their king and strike a blow for supremacy in Buganda.
  • In May 1889 Mwanga, aided by the trader Charles Stokes, approached Buganda by water, and after several bloody battles captured the capital, but shortly afterwards was again defeated, and Kalema and the Ba-Islamu reoccupied Mengo (the native capital).
  • But the Fathers were hostile, and though Mwanga was eager to accept Lugard's offers of reinstatement, he was a prisoner in the hands of his party.

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