Sentence Examples

  • And the salons of Mme de Sevigne, of her daughter Mme de Grignan, and of the duchesse de Maine for a while gave the questions of philosophy a place among the topics of polite society, and furnished to Moliere the occasion of his Femmes savantes.
  • He still continued his yearly experimental contributions to the North American Review, elaborating them with a view as much to ultimate historical proficiency as to immediate literary effect, the essays on Scottish Song (1826), Novel-Writing (1827), Moliere (1828), and Irving's Granada (1829)) belonging to this preparatory period.
  • After coquetting for a short time with the project of a life of Moliere he decided to follow in the track of his first work with a History of the Conquest of Mexico.
  • Among works on his genius by foreigners may be mentioned an exhaustive study by Robert Prutz (1857), and Holberg considers comme imitateur de Moliere, by A.
  • Translations from Moliere, Racine, Corneille, Calderon and Moreto have also been issued by the Kisfaludy society.

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