Sentence Examples

  • Darby in the following year; and Ahmad ibn Mohammed ibn Abdallah, al Dimashki, al `Ajmi, commonly called Ibn 'Arabshah, author of the Arabic `Ajaibu '1 Makhlnkat, translated by the Dutch Orientalist Golius in 1636.
  • The old palace with beautifully decorated courts in fair repair, built by Mohammed XVII., is a prominent object above the town, and there are many interesting buildings and ruins.
  • The conquest of Algiers by the Turks gave a dangerous neighbour to Tunisia, and after the death of Mohammed the Hafsite in 1525 a disputed succession supplied Khair ad-Din Barbarossa with a pretext for occupying the Turk* city in the name of the sultan of Constantinople.
  • In 1780 all the Europeans in Laraish were expelled by Mohammed XVI., although in 1786 the monopoly of its trade had been granted to Holland, even its export of wheat.
  • 90-134; " Une nouvelle biographie de Mohammed," Revue de l'histoire des religions, tome 29, p. 48 f., 149 sqq.; Leone Caetani, Annali dell'Islam,i.

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