Sentence Examples

  • In ancient Babylon, there was a set list of laws called the "Code of Hammurabi", that dates back to 1700 BC.
  • Cook, The Laws of Moses and the Code of Hammurabi (London, 1903).
  • Harper, The Code of Hammurabi, King of Babylon about 2250 B.C. (Chicago, 1904); S.
  • The discovery of the now celebrated Code of Khammurabi (Hammurabi)' (hereinafter simply termed 1 For the transliteration of Babylonian and Assyrian names generally, see Babylonia And Assyria, section ix., Proper Names.
  • But it is uncertain how far the doctrines of Judaism were influenced by Christianity, and it is even disputed whether the Talmud and Midrashim may be used to estimate Jewish thought 1 There are many details in the Talmud which cannot be dated; if some are obviously contemporary, others find parallels in Ancient Babylonia, for example in the code of Hammurabi.

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