Sentence Examples

  • Incited by the discoveries of Galileo, Pascal and Torricelli, he attempted the, creation of a vacuum.
  • In 1850 he published a tragedy, Galileo Galilei, and two volumes of his Lectures on the Atomic Theory and Essays Scientific and Literary appeared in 1858, with a preface by his kinsman Dr John Brown, the author of Horae Subsecivae.
  • These dreary times, however, are brightened by one glorious name - that of Galileo Galilei.
  • On this account he was accused of impiety by the Stoic Cleanthes, just as Galileo, in later years, was attacked by the theologians.
  • Nearly two years were passed in Geneva; visiting Italy in 1641, he remained during the winter of that year in Florence, studying the "paradoxes of the great star-gazer" Galileo, who died within a league of the city early in 1642.

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