Sentence Examples

  • The walls and ceiling of the fine Romanesque interior are covered with frescoes of 1570, subdued in colour and well suited to the character of the building; those of the octagonal cupola representing the Assumption of the Virgin are by Correggio, but much restored.
  • John are by Correggio, and the arabesques on the vault of the nave by Anselmi.
  • There are other beautiful ceiling frescoes by Correggio in the former Benedictine nunnery of S.
  • As a republic its government was mainly in the hands of the Rossi, Pallavicino, Correggio and Sanvitale families.
  • In 1307 the city became a lordship for Giberto da Correggio, who laid the basis of its territorial power by conquering Reggio, Brescello and Gaustalla, and was made commander-in-chief of the Guelphs by Robert of Apulia.

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