Joseph Brant, whose American Indian name was Thayendanegea, became famous through his deeds as ambassador for the Mohawk Indian people and because of his actions during the American Revolutionary War.

Joseph Brant's Role During the War

A big part of why Joseph Brant is famous is because of his actions during the American Revolution.

  • Brant led troops from Great Britain and loyalists to the throne, against the American Colonists who were fighting to gain their independence from Great Britain.
  • Brant was also (perhaps falsely) accused of committing war crimes, for which he received no punishment.
  • The nickname given to Brant for his alleged atrocities during the war was “Monster Brant.” He was given this nickname because of the:
  • war tactics carried out at both the “Wyoming Valley Massacre” and the “Cherry Valley Massacre” during the Revolutionary War.
  • intensity of the attacks, which were called “dishonorable” by the same American troops who had committed despicable acts themselves.
  • Brant received no punishment because he moved from the United States to Canada, prompting the Mohawks to move there as well. Once in Canada, Brant was also able to acquire a position of power.

Joseph Brant was so famous, he even had the political pull in his generation to be able to meet with George Washington and the likes of King George III during the war’s darkest times.