Barbara Eden is best known for her many years on television as the lead in "I Dream of Jeannie" a popular sitcom of the 1960s. She was also an accomplished movie actress and played against many well-known stars such as Elvis Pressley, Paul Newman and Frankie Avalon.

Facts About Barbara Eden

Her Early Life

  • Barbara Eden was born Barbara Jean Morehead on August 23, 1934, in Tuscon, Arizona. She used that name in many of her early movie roles.
  • When she was three years old, her parents got a divorce. Shortly afterwards, she moved to San Francisco with her mother.
  • Her mother married a telephone lineman; however, the family was hit very hard by the Great Depression, and they did not have a lot of money. During this time period, her mother often sang to her, which piqued Barbara's interest in the theatrical arts.
  • While you may know her as an actress, you might also know her as a singer. Hardships in her early life led her to seek music.

Her Life as an Actress

  • She has starred in a variety of movie and television roles throughout her life. Early in her career, she appeared in shows such as I Love Lucy, The Johnny Carson Show, and Father Knows Best.
  • Her most famous and well known role was as Jeannie in the 1960s television sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.
  • The show ran from 1965-1970 and it had fairly successful ratings during its time. During this time period, Eden was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.
  • The television program continued to remain popular after it was cancelled, and Eden continued to reprise her role for various programs, commercials, and movies.
  • As late as the 1990s, she appeared for a few moments in A Very Brady Sequel.
  • Playing Jeannie was not her only successful character, as she is still active on the scene today.
  • Most recently, Eden appeared in a 2009 film entitled Always and Forever.

Her Personal Life

  • Barbara Eden married actor Michael Ansara in October of 1957, and they were married for awhile, but eventually got divorced in 1974.
  • She had difficulty conceiving and experienced problems with both miscarriages and stillborn births during this marriage.
  • They had one child together named Matthew.
  • She did have a son who later took his own life due to drugs.
  • From 1977 to 1983, she was married to her second husband, Charles Donald Fegert, a Chicago newpaper executive. They did not have any children together.
  • Her most recent marriage occurred in 1991 to real estate developer Jon Trusdale Eicholtz. They were married at the Grace Cathedral Church in San Francisco on January 5, 1991.

Barbara Eden remains active in the field of shows, television, and movies today. Of course, she can attribute that to both her health and to the fact that she wants to keep doing what she loves for as long as she possibly can.