Severino Reyes Biography

Severino Reyes was a man regarded for the wide variety of literary works that he produced. Reyes is one of the most renowned literary talents of Filipino descent and he is considered to be one of the most talented writers and playwrights of Tagalog literature. Those that are familiar with Filipino literature should know that Reyes has produced countless pieces of written work that are still highly regarded within Filipino culture. It is also very important to note that Severino Reyes was a writer who was capable of using his talent for words to create written pieces that span a variety of different genres.

Severino Reyes

Reyes was the fifth child born in Santa Cruz, Manilla in 1861. He was a very well educated man who attended several different institutions of higher learning. Eventually, Reyes would complete his Bachelor of Philosophy from the University of Santo Tomas.

While attending school, he worked in a number of different industries where he made films and translated literary works into Spanish and Tagalog. At one point, Reyes was arrested and placed into prison for being associated with the Katipunan, a revolutionary army that was geared at overthrowing the Spaniards who had rule over the Philippines.

He was freed from prison after it was determined that there was little proof that he was in fact involved with the revolutionary army. Upon his release Reyes would go on to establish himself as one of best writers and playwrights of Tagalog literature.

Literary Talents of Severino Reyes

Severino Reyes is very well-known and respected for his literary talents. In fact, for many, he is known as the Father of Filipino Plays.

While he is credited with writing several different types of literature, there are certain pieces of writing that are most memorable. One of these pieces of literature includes the play "No Wounds," which focused on the Philippine Revolution and the trials, tribulations and the bravery of the Filipino revolutionary army.

An additional piece of literature written by Reyes that is fairly well known is the "Liwayway." This was a weekly magazine that Reyes co-founded. Within this weekly magazine, he featured a very popular series titled "Mga Kuwneto ni Lola Basyang" (Tales of Grandmother Basyang). This series was based on a neighbor of Reyes’ and it featured fairy tale like stories that were told by a character named Lola Baysang.

This series became so very popular that Severino Reyes was known by his alias Lola Baysang. The impact of Reyes’ literary works is still very evident in Filipino culture today. The term Lola Baysang is commonly used to refer to a grandmother that likes to share moralistic stories and tales with her grandchildren. Reyes' literary pieces also retained their popularity throughout the years among Filipino people.

Cultural Significance of Severino Reyes

It is very important to note the cultural significance of Severino Reyes and the importance of his literary works. Reyes is considered to be one of the most popular and well respected Filipino literary talents of the early 20th century. He was not only a very talented and prolific writer but he also created his own traveling performance company called Grand Compania de Zarzuela Tagala. This particular company became very popular and traveled to many different towns and provinces performing for large groups of people.

By founding the drama company and the very popular literary magazine Liwayway, Reyes’ contribution to the literary world is very well noted and his presence within the Filipino community to this very day cannot be underestimated. Today he is considered to be a very important part of Filipino culture.