Biography on the WWE Wrestler Kane


One of the most popular superstars in the WWE wrestling franchise is a professional wrestler by the name of Kane. Because Kane has become a major public figure in the world of wrestling, there is some public information available about both his personal and professional life.

Facts About Kane

Knowing who Kane is involves going back to his birth, training and early career:

  • Kane was born in 1968 on the 26th of April. His actual given name at the time was Glen Jacobs.
  • Jacobs was born in Madrid, Spain.
  • Before making his entrance into the professional wrestling circuit, Jacobs was trained by Ray Candy and Dean Malenko.
  • Kane made his wrestling debut sometime between 1993 and 1994. Before becoming known as Kane, Jacobs used other names in the ring while he was on the rise to the current fame that he enjoys now.
  • The names Kane used revolved around story lines that he was written into and asked to portray while on the wrestling circuit. Some of the other aliases that Jacobs used before becoming Kane were the Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS, Fake Diesel, and the Christmas Creature, a character that required him to dress up and appear in the ring as a Christmas tree.

Kane's Famous Wrestling Career

Kane's career has since taken off and he is well-known by his name and for the various stories he has been involved in with the WWE.

  • Perhaps the best known story line for fans of this professional wrestler and for fans of the WWE is the story line in which Kane was to portray the long lost brother of the ever popular Undertaker. Although not really brothers, they played as if they were on television for the world to see.
  • The first ever Hell in a Cell match occurred when Kane made his professional debut as Undertaker's brother to the world of WWE, costing the Undertaker his match against Shawn Michaels.
  • The storyline revolved around the premise that the Undertaker had killed his family by burning them alive, but that his long lost brother had escaped the fire.
  • Undertaker refused to fight his brother until the Royal Rumble that same year.
  • Throughout the years since this match at the Royal Rumble, the two have reversed roles time and time again. Sometimes the Undertaker is the hell and sometimes Kane plays the bad guy.

Kane's Appearance

When Kane first made his professional wrestling debut with the WWE, his seven foot frame was dressed much differently than he does today.

  • To follow the storyline, Jacobs as the character Kane wore a mask, full length gloves and a bodysuit to the ring so that no one could see any skin.
  • This was all to hide the so-called disfigurement from the burns he received during the fire set by the Undertaker from whom he had escaped.
  • Kane could not speak in his original story and was said to have to use a voice box in order to do so due to injuries he had suffered.

Today, Kane goes to the ring like any other wrestler in just a pair of tights and boots. He has become a well-known wrestler in his own right and has been featured in many WWE events and stories.