Whether or not you agree with his politics, studying a Bill Clinton timeline will give you the facts and timing perspective to understand more about this president. As you will see, his life has been laden with both ups and downs.

Bill Clinton Timeline


In April, before Clinton was born, his father was killed in a car crash.

August 19 Clinton is born.

Clinton lives with his mother's parents while his mother attends school to become a nurse.


On July 24, he attends the American Legion Boy's Nation event in Washington D.C. and meets President John F. Kennedy.


Clinton gets involved in politics by working on the campaign of the Democratic candidate for president, George McGovern.


Clinton graduates from Yale Law School.

In September he starts teaching law at the University of Arkansas.


He runs for a position in Congress; however, he loses to the Republican representative named Paul Hammerschmidt.


On October 11, he marries Hillary Rodham.


Clinton is elected to the position of Attorney General in Arkansas.


On November 7 Clinton is elected as the Governor of Arkansas at the age of 32.


On February 27, his daughter Chelsea is born.

On November 4 Clinton loses his bid for reelection as Arkansas governor.


Clinton is reelected as Governor of Arkansas.


After being elected to the position of Governor four times, Clinton begins serving as both the Chairman of the National Governors' Association and the Chairman of the Education Commission of States.


In June, he is voted the Nation's Most Effective Governor.

On October 2 he announces his candidacy for the office of President of the United States.


On July 16 he is nominated for the Democratic slot on the presidential ticket.

On November 3 he is elected to be the 42nd President of the United States.


On January 20 Clinton takes the oath of office as the President.

On January 25 he names his wife as the leader of a force on national health care reform.

On July 19 he institutes the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military.

On September 21 he signs a bill that creates the National Service Program.

On November 30 Clinton signs the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act into law.

On December 8 he signs the North American Free Trade Agreement.


His mother, Virginia, dies from breast cancer.

On February 3 he lifts the trade embargo with Vietnam.

Paula Jones files a sexual harassment law suit against Clinton.

On October 26 Clinton witnesses the signing of agreements between Jordan and Israel.


Clinton works to stabilize relations between Vietnam and the United States.


Clinton signs bills regarding national welfare programs.

On September 24 he signs the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

On November 5 Clinton defeats Bob Dole, thereby winning a second term as the President.


On January 17 he denies that he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky.

On March 23 he begins an 11-day trip to sub-Saharan Africa.

Clinton gives testimony to the grand jury on August 17 regarding Monica Lewinsky.

On October 23 he, along with the Palestinian and Israeli leaders, signs the Wye River Memorandum.

On December 19 the House of Representatives votes to impeach Clinton.


On February 12 Clinton is acquitted of the charges of impeachment against him.


He visits Vietnam for three days. No president had done that since 1969.

This year was Clinton's last as president, as his two terms in office were over.


Since Clinton's presidency ended, he has concentrated his time on speaking and fund raising for international poverty and education organizations.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has really risen to fame in her own right. She ran for election to the President of the United States, but lost her bid to Barack Obama. She went on to be a very successful Secretary of State for Barack Obama.

This timeline summaries some of the facts and highlights of his life. The source of this information includes research from Presidentialtimeline.org.