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  • ALBERT (1522-1557), prince of Bayreuth, surnamed THE WARLIKE, and also Alcibiades, was a son of Casimir, prince of Bayreuth, and a member of the Franconian branch of the Hohenzollern family.
  • Voigt, Markgraf Albrecht Alcibiades von BrandenburgKulmbach (Berlin, 1852).
  • When, after the victories of Alcibiades, Darius II.
  • 14.22, Alcibiades 23-25, Lycurgus 12, Agesilaus i.
  • The precise species of dog that was cultivated in Greece at that early period cannot be affirmed, although a beautiful piece of sculpture in the possession of Lord Feversham at Duncombe Hall, representing the favourite dog of Alcibiades, differs but little from the Newfoundland dog of the present day.

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