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  • Thus ~rin after eight years of incoherent struggles, of scattered revolts, and then of more and more energetic efforts, Gaul, at last aroused by Vercingetorix, for once concentrated her strength, only to perish at Alesia, vanquished by Roman discipline and struck at from the rear by the conquest of Britain (5850 B.C.).
  • At the time of the rebellion of Vercingetorix (52 B.C.), Avaricum, after a desperate resistance, was taken by assault, and the inhabitants put to the sword.
  • 75.3), they assisted Vercingetorix in the great rising (52 B.C.) with a force of 5000 men.
  • This so exasperated the Sequani that they joined in the revolt of Vercingetorix (52) and shared in the defeat at Alesia.
  • Early in 52 B.C. some Roman traders were massacred at Cenabum (Orleans), and, on hearing the news, the Arverni revolted under Vercingetorix and were quickly joined by other tribes, especially the Bituriges, whose capital was Avaricum (Bourges).

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