Sentence Examples

  • Thus the Ionian school of philosophy, which began with Thales, sought for the beginning of all things in various material substances, water, air, fire (see Ionian School).
  • The early Ionian physicists, including Thales, Anaximander and Anaximenes, seek to explain the world as generated out of a primordial matter (Gr.
  • The doctrine of Anaximenes, who unites the conceptions of a determinate and indeterminate original substance adopted by Thales and Anaximander in the hypothesis of a primordial and all-generating air, is a clear advance on these theories, inasmuch as it introduces the scientific idea of condensation and rarefaction as the great generating or transforming agencies.
  • This property, first recorded by Thales of Miletus, suggested the word "electricity," from the Greek, i X�KTpov, a name applied, however, not only to amber but also to an alloy of gold and silver.
  • Thales of earth Miletus is claimed as the first exponent of the idea of a Flat Homer.

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