Sentence Examples

  • This property, first recorded by Thales of Miletus, suggested the word "electricity," from the Greek, i X�KTpov, a name applied, however, not only to amber but also to an alloy of gold and silver.
  • Thales of earth Miletus is claimed as the first exponent of the idea of a Flat Homer.
  • Allman, Greek Geometry from Thales to Euclid (1889); Florian Cajori, History of Mathematics (New York, 1894); M.
  • One of the most distinguished among them was Thales of Miletus (6 4 o -543 B.C.), the founder of the Ionian school of philosophy, whose pupil, Anaximander (611-546 B.C.) is credited by Eratosthenes with having designed the first map of the world.
  • This period lasted' from the time of Thales, c. 600 B.C., to the capture of Alexandria by the Mahommedans, A.D.

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