Sentence Examples

  • Later writers from whom we derive our knowledge of Thales attributed to him ideas which seem to have been conceived by subsequent thinkers.
  • 5) Aristotle quotes the statement that Thales attributed to water a divine intelligence, and criticizes it as an inference from later speculations.
  • It is probably safest to credit Thales with the bare mechanical conception of a universal material cause, leaving pantheistic ideas to a later period of thought.
  • The successors of Thales were Anaximander and Anaximenes, who also sought for a primal substance of things.
  • Unlike Thales, he was struck by the infinite variety in things; he felt that all differences are finite, that they have emerged from primal unity (first called epxn by him) into which they must ultimately return, that the Infinite One has been, is, and always will be, the same, indeterminate but immutable.

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