Sentence Examples

  • An edition covering the period from Solon to 403, with new notes and excursuses, was published by J.
  • As he put it: "Suppose there were living among my contemporaries a Confucius or a Solon, I could, according to the principles of my faith, love and admire the great man without falling into the ridiculous idea that I must convert a Solon or a Confucius."
  • Solon 30; Arist.
  • Macan, suggest the period between Solon and Peisistratus, c. 570 B.C. It may be questioned, however, whether the whole episode is not mythical.
  • This same general idea comes out both in the constitution of Servius and in the constitution of Solon, though the application of the principle is different in the two cases.

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