Sentence Examples

  • He hoped she wasn't going to play a King Solomon and cut the damn thing in half but he withdrew a Swiss Army knife from his pocket.
  • 535 by the Byzantine general Solomon, who surrounded it with a wall about 25 feet high, still standing.
  • In the last section (xl.-xlviii.), put as a vision, the temple is to be rebuilt, in dimensions and arrangements a reproduction of the temple of Solomon (cf.
  • In 1745 he entered the 1 He succeeded his cousin, Solomon Van Rensselaer (1744-1852), who was in the regular army in 1792-1800, who had fought under General Anthony Wayne at Maumee Rapids in 1794 and under Stephen Van Rensselaer at Queenston Heights in 1812, and who was in the House of Representatives in 1819-1822.
  • This did not prevent Solomon introducing Edomites into his harem (i Kings xi.

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