Sentence Examples

  • This means very much, though his modesty led him to call in the aid of his friend Saul to cope with the new and expanding situation (25 f.).
  • 63, 76), and metal armour, though known farther west, scarcely appear in old oriental costume, and the passage which attributes bronze helmets and coats of mail to the Philistine Goliath and the Israelite il Saul cannot be held (on other grounds) to be necessarily reliable for the middle or close of the Iith century (1 Sam.
  • To David when watched in his house by Saul, implies an absolute lack of the very elements of historical judgment.
  • The calling up of the spirit of Samuel by the Witch at Endor when consulted by Saul is the classical example (I Sam.
  • A convert chief named Dichu granted him a site for an establishment, and a wooden barn is stated to have been utilized for the purpose of worship, whence the modern Saul (Ir.

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