Sentence Examples

  • The only ancient writer who mentions him is Quintilian (Instil.
  • Cicero held an unfavourable opinion of his methods, which were approved by Quintilian, although he considers that Hermagoras neglected the practical side of rhetoric for the theoretical.
  • 6.8, Brutus, 76, 263.78, 271; Quintilian, Instil.
  • Of George Sand's style a foreigner can be but an imperfect judge, but French critics, from Sainte-Beuve, Nisard and Caro down to Jules Lemaitre and Faguet, have agreed to praise her spontaneity, her correctness of diction, her easy opulence - the lactea ubertas that Quintilian attributes to Livy.
  • I, 93 (where it is stated that some (not Quintilian) preferred him to Tibullus), Ov.

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