Sentence Examples

  • Pericles also incurred unpopularity because of his rationalism in religious matters; yet Athens in his time was becoming ripe for the new culture, and would have done better to receive it from men of his circle - Anaxagoras, Zeno, Protagoras and Meton - than from the more irresponsible sophists.
  • In this he follows Protagoras, who, according to Photius (cod.
  • PROTAGORAS (c. 481-411 B.C.), Greek philosopher, was born at Abdera.
  • At the age of seventy, having been accused by Pythodorus, and convicted of atheism, Protagoras fled from Athens, and on his way to Sicily was lost at sea.
  • Protagoras was the first to systematize grammar, distinguishing the parts of speech, the tenses and the moods.

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