Sentence Examples

  • ROMANOS, called o AEXcpbos, Greek hymn-writer, "the Pindar of rhythmic poetry," was born at Emesa (Horns) in Syria.
  • The Greeks believed it to be either the mountain with which Zeus had crushed the giant Typhon (so Pindar, Pyth.
  • Pindar, Hesychius, and Athenaeus followed in 1514.
  • He also wrote scholia on Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides (with life), and three of the comedies of Aristophanes; the scholia on Pindar, attributed to him in two MSS., are now assigned to Demetrius Triclinius.
  • According to an Athenian decree (380 B.C.) asses were sacrificed to Apollo at Delphi, and Pindar (Pythia, x.

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