Sentence Examples

  • In one source the great heresiarch Pelagius is stated to have been a Scot.
  • This would explain the survival of the writings of Pelagius in Ireland until the 8th century.
  • But when this inference was developed in the teaching of Pelagius, it was repudiated as heretical by the church, under the powerful leadership of Augustine (354-430); and the doctrine of man's.
  • On the 1st of May 418 a great synod ("A Council of Africa," St Augustine calls it), which assembled under the presidency of Aurelius, bishop of Carthage, to take action concerning the errors of Caelestius, a disciple of Pelagius, denounced the Pelagian doctrines of human nature, original sin, grace and perfectibility, and fully approved the contraryviews of Augustine.
  • Pelagius maintained the free-will of man, and held that man's conduct, character, destiny are in his own hand.

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