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  • Sikhism was founded by Nanak, a Khatri by caste, who was born at Talwandi near Lahore in A.D.
  • Nanak..1469-15392.
  • Nanak was born in the province which then formed the borderland between Hinduism and Islam.
  • Starting from the unity of God, Nanak and his successors rejected the idols and incarnations of the Hindus, and on the ground of the equality of all men rejected also the system of caste.
  • Ideas of revolt and reform of decadent systems are always in the air, it may be for centuries, until some one man bolder than the rest stands out to give them free expression; and as John the Baptist preceded Jesus Christ, so Nanak was preceded by several reformers, whose writings are incorporated in the Granth itself.

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