Sentence Examples

  • £9c., (1785); Eloge de Montesquieu (1785), published 1883 by M.
  • She was well versed in mathematics, which she studied at the university of Moscow, and in general literature her favourite authors were Bayle, Montesquieu, Boileau, Voltaire and Helvetius.
  • Bardoux, Les Legistes et leur influence sur la soc.francaise; Fournol, Bodin predecesseur de Montesquieu (Paris, 1896); for his political economy, J.
  • In the political part of his system Ferguson follows Montesquieu, and pleads the cause of well-regulated liberty and free government.
  • The text is filled with valuable information on the state of the family and property in the 6th century, and it is astonishing to find Montesquieu describing the Salic Law as the law of a people ignorant of landed property.

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