Sentence Examples

  • 18), Montanus was the first to give laws (to the church) on fasting.
  • His Itinerary was translated from the Hebrew into Latin by Arias Montanus in 1575, and appeared in a French version by Baratier in 1734.
  • Gadaldinus, Conrad Gesner, Sylvius, Cornarius, Joannes Montanus, Joannes Caius, Thomas Linacre, Theodore Goulston, Caspar Hoffman, Rene Chartier, Haller and Kuhn.
  • The allied tree-sparrow (P. montanus) has been locally naturalized in the United States; it is a more desirable bird, being less prolific and pugnacious, but it is expelled from towns by the house-sparrow.
  • Montanus, Der Odenwald (Mainz, 1884); T.

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