Sentence Examples

  • When reading Moliere and Racine, Bossuet and Fnelon, the campaigns of Turenne, or Colberts ordinances; when enumerating the countless literary and ~cientific institutions of the great century; when considering the port of Brest, the Canal du Midi, Perraults cOlonnade of th~ Louvre, Mansarts Invalides and the palace of Versailles, and Vaubans fine fortificationsadmiration is kindled for the radiant splendour of Louis XIV.s period.
  • The part which Corneille took in Psyche (1671), Moliere and P. Quinault being his coadjutors, showed signs of renewed vigour; but Pulcherie (1672) and Surena (1674) were allowed even by his faithful followers to be failures.
  • But Balzac did him justice; Rotrou, as we have seen, never failed in generous appreciation; Moliere in conversation and in print recognized him as his own master and the foremost of dramatists.
  • Questioned as to the great men of Louis XIV.'s reign, he is said to have replied: "I only know three, - Corneille, Moliere and myself."
  • Le Menteur fully deserves the honour which Moliere paid to it.

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