Sentence Examples

  • Another storied stone is called the Witches' Stone, because it marks the place near Forres where Macbeth is said to have encountered the weird sisters.
  • The feud between these two princes originated probably in a dispute over the succession to the throne; its details, however, are obscure, and the only fact which can be ascertained with any certainty is that Duncan was slain by Macbeth in 1040.
  • 1093), called Canmore or the "largeheaded," was a son of King Duncan I., and became king after the defeat of the usurper Macbeth in July 1054, being crowned at Scone in April 1057.
  • Duncan is chiefly known through his connexion with Macbeth, which has been immortalized by Shakespeare.
  • Alexander Carlyle, the famous divine (1 77 2-1805), whose Memorials of his Times still affords fascinating reading, ministered for fifty-five years in the parish church, in the graveyard of which lies David Macbeth Moir (1798-1851), who under the pen-name of " Delta " wrote Mansie Wauch, a masterpiece of Scots humour and pathos.

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