Sentence Examples

  • Lucian, on the other hand, presisted in holding that the Logos became a person in Christ.
  • At last the Land of Lanterns, borrowed from Lucian, is reached, and the Oracle of the Bottle is consulted.
  • He is distinguished from the two men who alone can be compared with him in character of work and force of genius combined - Lucian and Swift - by very marked characteristics.
  • Pius (Bologna, 1520), and the principal editions since have been those by Barth (1623), P. Burman (1731, in his edition of the minor Latin poets), Wernsdorf (1778, part of a similar collection), Zumpt (1840), and the critical edition by Lucian Muller (Teubner, Leipzig, 1870), and another by Vessereau (1904); also an annotated edition by Keene, with a translation by G.
  • Early in life he went to Megara in Sicily, and after its destruction by Gelo (484) removed to Syracuse, where he spent the rest of his life at the court of Hiero, and died at the age of ninety or (according to a statement in Lucian, Macrobii, 25) ninety-seven.

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