Sentence Examples

  • Cassius Longinus, and forced them to pass under the yoke (Livy, Epit.
  • His principal pupils were Herennius, the two Origens, Cassius Longinus and Plotinus.
  • Biicheler, 1893); Censorinus (1845); Florus (1852); Cicero's Brutus (4th ed., 1877); and Orator (3rd ed., 1869) the Periochae of Livy (1853); the Psyche et Cupido of Apuleius (3rd ed., 1884; 5th ed., 1905); Longinus ., (1867; 3rd ed.
  • Aurelian seized the wealth of the city but spared the inhabitants; to Zenobia he granted life; while her officers and advisers, among whom was the celebrated scholar Longinus, were put to death.
  • They are written in the Doric dialect, with epic licences; the metre is dactylico-trochaic. Brief as they are, they show us what Longinus meant by calling Stesichorus "most like Homer"; they are full of epic grandeur, and have a stately sublimity that reminds us of Pindar.

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