Sentence Examples

  • Britannicus's leading partisans were banished or put to death, and the allimportant command of the praetorian guard was transferred to Afranius Burrus, a Gaul by birth, who had been the trusted agent first of Livia and then of Tiberius and Claudius.
  • His marriage with Livia (38 B.C.) placed by his side a sagacious counsellor and a loyal ally, whose services were probably as great as even those of his trusted friend Marcus Agrippa.
  • The ashes were reverently collected by Livia, and placed in the mausoleum by the Tiber which her husband had built for himself and his family.
  • On the other hand, a careful study of what he achieved between the years 38 B.C., when he married Livia, and his death in A.D.
  • The family of Livia, the consort of Augustus, belonged to Fundi.

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