Sentence Examples

  • LOUIS OF NASSAU (1538-1574), son of William, count of Nassau, and Juliana von Stolberg, and younger brother of William the Silent, took an active part in the revolt of the Netherlands against Spanish domination.
  • To the great joy of the Dutch people, Queen Wilhelmina, on the 30th of April 1909, gave birth to an heir to the throne, the Princess Juliana (Juliana Louise Emma Maria Wilhelmina).
  • In 1840 he obtained a notaryship also, and the same year married Juliana Ercsey, the penniless orphan daughter of an advocate.
  • Wykeham meanwhile was acting as keeper of the forests south of Trent and as a trustee for Juliana, countess of Huntingdon.
  • [[Szechenyi, Istvan, Count]] (1791-1860), Hungarian statesman, the son of Ferencz Szechenyi and the countess Juliana Festetics, was born at Vienna on the 21st of September 1791.

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