Sentence Examples

  • It is said that, in the time of the emperor Jahangir, a piece of muslin, 15 ft.
  • When Akbar, however, was succeeded by Jahangir the guru aided the latter's son Khusru to escape with a gift of money.
  • JAHANGIR, or Jehangir (1569-1627), Mogul emperor of Delhi, succeeded his father Akbar the Great in 1605.
  • His name was Salim, but he assumed the title of Jahangir, "Conqueror of the World," on his accession.
  • At first she influenced Jahangir for good, but surrounding herself with her relatives she aroused the jealousy of the imperial princes; and Jahangir died in 1627 in the midst of a rebellion headed by his son, Khurram or Shah Jahan, and his greatest general, Mahabat Khan.

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