Sentence Examples

  • Art Farmer was blowing trumpet with the Horace Silver quintet in a piece called "Moon Rays" that Fred wouldn't have lis­tened to on his own unless someone cut off his ears.
  • He lost his father prematurely; and after the battle of Philippi and the return of Octavian to Rome, Propertius, like Virgil and Horace, was deprived of his, estate to provide land for the veterans, but, unlike them, he had no patrons at court, and he was reduced from opulence to comparative indigence.
  • We hear nothing of Tibullus, nor of Horace, who also never mentions Propertius.
  • 2, 87 seq., Horace has been thought to make a direct attack on Propertius.
  • 61, p. 444), and the instrument contains many elegant mechanical and optical details due to Horace Darwin and Messrs Zeiss respectively.

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