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  • During the shortlived empire of Harsha (d.
  • After the fall of the central power, the scattered Hunnish settlers, like so many before them, became rapidly Hinduized, and are probably the ancestors of some of the most famous Rajput clans.4 The last native monarch, prior to the Mahommedan conquest,' to establish and maintain paramount power in the north was Harsha, or Harshavardhana (also known as Siladitya), for whose reign (606-648) full and trustworthy materials exist in the book of travels written by the Chinese pilgrim Hstian Tsang and the Harsha-charita (Deeds of Harsha) composed by Bana, a Brahman who lived at the royal court.
  • Harsha was the younger son of the raja of Thanesar, and gained his first experience of campaigning while still a boy in the successful wars 2 V.
  • The most famous monarch of this line was Pulikesin II., who repelled the inroads of Harsha (A.D.
  • ARSAPHES, in Egyptian Harsha,fe, he who is upon his lake, the ram-headed god of Heracleopolis Magna, gained an ephemeral importance during the IXth Dynasty, which arose from his town.

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