Sentence Examples

  • And Gratian to some extent checked the inroads of the barbarians, it never regained its former prosperity.
  • Gratian, the son of the elder Valentinian, took the same side; but the younger Valentinian, who had now become his colleague in the empire, adopted the opinions of the Arians, and all the arguments and eloquence of Ambrose could not reclaim the young prince to the orthodox faith.
  • In this distracted state of religious opinion, two leaders of the Arians, Palladius and Secundianus, confident of numbers, prevailed 'upon Gratian to call a general council from all parts of the empire.
  • More than one scholar of the 16th century, George Cassander, Erasmus, and the two editors of the Decretum of Gratian, Dumoulin (d.
  • And Gratian, by whom the Donatist churches were again closed, and all their assemblies forbidden.

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