Sentence Examples

  • Simple souls found their spiritual pasture in little mincing "devotions"; while robuster minds built up for themselves a natural moralistic religion, quite as close to Epictetus as to Christianity.
  • So Epictetus remarks that he only really understands Judaism who knows " the baptized Jew " - (TOP 1 3€ aµpE'ov).
  • " Reverence Zeus, the Father-God ": " all fathers are sacred to Zeus, the Father-God, and all brothers to Zeus the God of the family ": these phrases of Aristophanes and Epictetus 13 express the ideas that engendered his titles Ilarpci.ios, FapdiXcos, TEXE70, `Opoyvcos.
  • The writings of the later Stoics have come down to us, if not entire, in great part, so that Seneca, Cornutus, Persius, Lucan, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius are known at first hand.
  • Epictetus testifies to the powerful hold he acquired upon his pupils, each of whom felt that Musonius spoke to his heart.

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