Sentence Examples

  • In 1307 it was seized by Giberto da Correggio of Parma.
  • It won him the friendship of their ambassador, Azzo di Correggio - a fact which subsequently influenced his life in no small measure.
  • During the spring months of 1341 his friend Azzo di Correggio had succeeded in freeing Parma from subjugation to the Scaligers, and was laying the foundations of his own tyranny in that city.
  • The noble houses of Gonzaga at Mantua, at Carrara at Padua, of Este at Ferrara, of Malatesta at Rimini, of Visconti at Milan, vied with Azzo di Correggio in entertaining the illustrious man of letters.
  • Azzo di Correggio died in 1362, and Laelius, Simonides, Barbato, in the following year.

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