Sentence Examples

  • Nor did they merely mean by pleasure (i/Sovi) the gratification of bodily appetite; we find (e.g.)Chrysippus urging, as a decisive argument against Aristotle, that pure speculation was " a kind of amusement; that is, pleasure."
  • Moreover, the argument by means of which Chrysippus endeavoured to prove the compatibility of determinism with ethical responsibility is in some respects an anticipation of modern views.
  • Among his pupils were his successor, Chrysippus, and Antigonus, king of Macedon, from whom he accepted 2000 minae.
  • The principles he applies are those which he had learned from the philosophers of the Stoic school - Chrysippus, Antipater and others.
  • By the old Stoa is meant the period (c. 304-205 B.C.) down to the death of Chrysippus, the second founder; then was laid the foundation of theory, to which hardly anything of importance was afterwards added.

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