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  • But the parlement soon became disgusted with its alliesthe princes and nobles, who bad only drawn their swords in order to beg more effectively with arms in their hands; and the Parisian mob, whose fanaticism had been aroused by Paul de Gondi, a warlike ecclesiastic, a Catiline in a cassock, who preached the gospel at the daggers point.
  • Like others who have gone through the conventional course of instruction, he kept a place in his memory for the various charms of Virgil and Horace, of Tacitus and Ovid; but the master whose page by night and by day he turned with devout hand, was the copious, energetic, flexible, diversified and brilliant genius of the declamations for Archias the poet and for Milo, against Catiline and against Antony, the author of the disputations at Tusculum and the orations against Verres.
  • CATILINE [LUCIUS SERGIUS CATILINA] (c. 108-62 B.C.), a member of an ancient but impoverished patrician family of Rome, the prime mover in the conspiracy known by his name.
  • The new consuls were to be murdered on the 1st of January; but the plot - the execution of which was deferred till the 5th of February - failed in consequence of the impatience of Catiline, who gave the signal too hastily.
  • Soon after, Catiline, having bribed both judges and accuser, was acquitted in the trial for extortion.

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