Sentence Examples

  • After thirty-seven years of war he set himself to emulate Asoka and became a patron of art and literature.
  • It is heard of first as the residence of Asoka (afterwards emperor), when viceroy of, the western provinces.
  • James Prinsep was then devoting his rare genius to the decipherment of the early inscriptions of northern India, especially those of Asoka in the 3rd century B.C. He derived the greatest assistance from Tumour's work not only in historical information, but also as regards the forms of words and grammatical inflexions.
  • The name here used by the chronicler for Pali is "the Magadhi tongue," by which expression is meant, not exactly the language spoken in Magadha, but the language in use at the court of Asoka, king of Kosala and Magadha.
  • After careful analysis, he decided not to go.

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