Sentence Examples

  • The first figure, that of the date of Asoka, is arrived at by the mention in one of his edicts of certain Greek kings, as then living.
  • Senart (Paris, 1891); chapters on Asoka in T.
  • "If a man's fame," says KOppen, "can be measured by the number of hearts who revere his memory, by the number of lips who have mentioned, and still mention him with honour, Asoka is more famous than Charlemagne or Caesar."
  • The inscription is of the same type as the Asoka inscriptions, but, in Buhler's opinion (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, xxx., 1898, p. 389), is older than Asoka's time.
  • See also Asoka, by Vincent Smith (Oxford, 1901); Inscriptions de Piyadasi, by E.

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