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  • At Pavia in 1494 we find him taking up literary and grammatical studies, both in Latin and the vernacular; the former, no doubt, in order the more easily to read those among the ancients who had laboured in the fields that were his own, as Euclid, Galen, Celsus, Ptolemy, Pliny, Vitruvius and, above all, Archimedes; the latter with a growing hope of some day getting into proper form and order the mass of materials he was daily accumulating for treatises on all his manifold subjects of enquiry.
  • 280-264 B.C.), was described by Archimedes in his Arenarius, only to be set aside Astronomisches aus Babylon (Freiburg im Breisgau, 1889).
  • The most important are :- Euclid's Elements; Euclid's Data; Optical Lectures, read in the public school of Cambridge; Thirteen Geometrical Lectures; The Works of Archimedes, the Four Books of Apollonius's Conic Sections, and Theodosius's Spherics, explained in a New Method; A Lecture, in which Archimedes' Theorems of the Sphere and Cylinder are investigated and briefly demonstrated; Mathematical Lectures, read in the public schools of the university of Cambridge.
  • This subject was investigated by Archimedes, who, by his "method of exhaustions," derived the principal results.
  • Archimedes gave his results in the treatise IIepi Ti j c aOaipas Kai roD KUXLvbpov: he left unfinished the problem of dividing a sphere into segments whose volumes are in a given ratio.

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