Sentence Examples

  • Gedymin also secured an alliance with the grand-duchy of Muscovy by marrying his daughter, Anastasia, to the grandduke Simeon.
  • Feodor's grandson, Sakhariya Ivanovich, was a boyar of Vasilii V., grand-duke of Moscow at intervals between 1425 and 1462, and the family took its name from his grandson Roman, whose daughter Anastasia Rornanovna married the tsar Ivan the Terrible.
  • Anastasia is a mine of wealth in early examples of painting and sculpture, and one of the finest buildings in Italy of semi-Gothic style.
  • Anastasia, high up over the arched opening into one of the eastern chapels of the south transept.
  • Anastasia, and by many more or less mutilated palaces, with fine courts surrounded by arcades in one or more storeys.

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