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  • ALBERT (1522-1557), prince of Bayreuth, surnamed THE WARLIKE, and also Alcibiades, was a son of Casimir, prince of Bayreuth, and a member of the Franconian branch of the Hohenzollern family.
  • Voigt, Markgraf Albrecht Alcibiades von BrandenburgKulmbach (Berlin, 1852).
  • When, after the victories of Alcibiades, Darius II.
  • In 413, on the suggestion of Alcibiades, he fortified Decelea in Attica, where he remained directing operations until, after the battle of Aegospotami (405), he took the leading part in the blockade of Athens, which was ended in spring 404 by the surrender of the city.
  • 14.22, Alcibiades 23-25, Lycurgus 12, Agesilaus i.

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