Sentence Examples

  • Descent through Esau from Abraham, and were acknowledged' by the Israelites (Deut.
  • ABRAHAM TUCKER (1705-1774), English moralist, was born in London, of a Somerset family, on the 2nd of September 1705, son of a wealthy city merchant.
  • The old court-house in which Abraham Lincoln often practised is still standing.
  • He entered the Protestant Church, and in 1663, through the influence of his friend Abraham Heidanus, who had assisted him in his greatest need, he obtained a poorly paid lectureship at the university.
  • De Quatrefages, Les Polynesiens et leurs migrations (Paris, 1866); Abraham Fornander, An Account of the Polynesian Race (1877-1885); Henri Mager, Le Monde polynesien (Paris, 1902); Pierre Adolphe Lesson, Les Polynesiens, leur origine, &c. (Paris, 1880-1884); W.

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